Emergency Times Com Unannounced

Emergency Times Com Unannounced

When you asked someone, how much time for them to rest or take a break from the day’s work, they’ll answer as no time, because people actually don’t have a time for them to take a break and loosen their muscles or go for a tea break or anything, because they are brimming with work, all they can think of is, “ how to complete all these work in just one day?”, it is no use waiting for a break, because you never get a one, and these work can go to an extent like mid night shifts or over time. Suppose you are going home after midnight driving your car and, you get a tire puncture in a secluded area? What will you do?

The Reaction

 The first thing will you do is get down from the car and see weather if you can do something, but let’s say you don’t have a spare tire and cannot actually do anything about it. Then you will most probably try to get a call to mobile vehicle fixing trailer to come and do the job, then only you realize that you are out of credits, its good thing that you have a prepaid sim card at Hong Kong, so you hurriedly reload and try o talk to the trailer to fix your car. And then, you’ll have to wait for them to arrive and do their job for you. Because it is midnight and all, you‘ll have to stay inside the vehicle just to stay safe from the robbers or anything.

The thing is

Actual using different a different sim card for calling might a good idea you think. Because when the other business places have your number they will talk to your phone endlessly spamming your number about their promotions and all. But it is better you take their contacts for other   places when they arrived to where you are and get your car fixed. Actually the thing is, you haven’t had signal to the place where you were, and then you wouldn’t be able to place the call in the first place. So it is better you always go for te networks that are having signals to anywhere in the country.

Yes! Also you can do something else too. No matter how much bus you are, you have to take care of your vehicle, weather if it has some mechanical issues or what, you have to give it a check before get it out the garage. So you wouldn’t have to face such unfortunate incidents in the future.